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Social Interaction

By June 1, 2017No Comments

Facebook is known as THE place for social interaction. We share our triumphs, vacation pictures, and every thought that tumbles through our heads. Social media connects us to others in ways a phone call never could. But are we seeing each other’s lives as they are or are they being filtered through a glossy veneer? Are we seeing a representation of a “fantasy” life or “dream” relationship?

You may scroll through Facebook and become exhausted reading about everyone’s perfect, beautiful marriage. A study in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology found that the amount of time you spend on Facebook and depressive symptoms may be linked. It’s a phenomenon called “social comparison.” We compare our boring life or imperfect marriage with the Facebook “highlights” of our peers.

We always want to put our best foot forward. We dress up for interviews, put on makeup to go out, and re-touch our family photos but that’s not everyday life. Life is clumsy, disheveled, messy, and above all… complicated. We fight with our spouse, we get angry with our kids, and we make promises we can’t keep. It’s not pretty but it’s the truth.

Those feelings do not make you unique, no matter what you read on social media. God does not want you to worry about what everyone else is doing. He wants you closer to Him and your spouse. This is where peace comes from.

You are not an anomaly because you have marriage issues. You are not alone. God wants your marriage to succeed and so do we.  Our mission is to help you restore your marriage and bring you and your spouse closer again with God’s grace.

Your marriage is (not) over.

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