How to Prepare for a Marriage Retreat

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So you’ve made the decision to save your marriage. For many couples that can be one of the hardest, and most important steps. After the heart to heart talks and the hard decisions come the questions. What will this be like? What do I need to bring? What can I expect from this marriage intensive?

Here are the top ­­­6 things to keep in mind as you and your spouse prepare to attend a marriage intensive.


First things first, if you have kids you’ll need to make arrangements for their care. Start calling trusted friends or family members and make arrangements ahead of time. Next, make appropriate travel arrangements. Will you be driving or flying? Take some time to figure out what method of transportation works best for you. At the Hideaway Experience we ask that couples check in and get settled the night before therapy begins. We also ask that couples stay through dinner on the fourth day before departing. Take these things into consideration and plan your trip accordingly.


Make a list and start packing ahead of time. There are going to be things you HAVE to have. Prescription medications are a prime example. Some people can’t fall asleep unless they have their own pillow. Start making a list of all these items in advance. Keep it on your phone, post it on the refrigerator, anywhere you can easily reference it and add items as you think of them. Here are a few of the common items you may want to remember to bring:

Medication, Vitamins, Pillow, Comfortable clothes and shoes, Toiletries, Cosmetics, Glasses/Contact Lens, Charge cord, Snacks for the plane or drive, Bible


If you are reading this then you are already on the right track! Take a little time to learn about what to expect, what you need to bring, and how to prepare for therapy. It’s also fun to do a little research on the area where you are heading. Did you pick Texas? Check out information on Palo Duro Canyon or see what’s going on in near-by Amarillo. Was California your destination of choice? Take a look at pictures of Failla Villa and see what amenities the retreat provides. Are you going to Georgia? Read up on the hiking trails near the Appalachian Mountains. Research gives you a better idea of what to expect and what you can look forward to!


If you have a medical condition or special dietary needs please let staff know. The Hideaway Experience is a place of safety and comfort and we pride ourselves on taking care of you. While all our meals are prepared on site and are the same for everyone, we do everything possible to meet individual needs. If you have a food allergy or are gluten intolerant please contact us ahead of time. We want you to focus on hope and healing, not what’s for dinner!


If you are preparing to attend a marriage intensive it may be useful to start keeping a journal. If your husband says something that sets you off or you have a disagreement with your wife, write down what was said and how it made you feel. Little notes like this may help you organize your thoughts, feelings, and some of the important points you’ll want to bring up in a counseling session. Many times we know something isn’t working but just can’t pinpoint why. Having specific examples of the problems you and spouse are experiencing can help you work through issues during the marriage intensive.


You have made the decision to work on your marriage; you’ve come this far. Don’t sabotage yourself! Keep an open mind and an open heart. Hear out your spouse, express what you are feeling inside, and listen to other couples. This is a time for healing and healing begins when we open our hearts to the guidance of God.

The Hideaway Experience is a place where wounded marriages can be healed and broken marriages can be restored. The Hideaway combines professional counseling and small group therapy in an atmosphere where miracles can happen.