Get the Spark Back: Ways to Rekindle the Flame After a Holiday Slump

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Picture it: Christmas music is on, cookies are baking, gifts are exchanged, the house is filled with love, laughter and a warm sense of nostalgia. Only, you’re not there. You’re there physically, but you detached emotionally. It’s your friends and family that are smiling and enjoying those memories, while you and your spouse don’t even make eye contact. Your marriage is “off,” and you and your spouse are barely holding on.

If anything, Thanksgiving and Christmas may have reconfirmed that your marriage is in trouble.

How Did We Get Here?

After the holidays, troubled couples feel longing and wistfulness. You’re grieving, experiencing deep heartache, and silent cries no one hears. You’re not intimate and you don’t know how to jump-start the love again.

But you didn’t start like this…

Over 2 million weddings take place every year, while 800,000 divorces occur, but why? Communication breakdowns and unresolved conflicts are what break down a lot of marriages over time. Maybe that’s how it happened with you and your spouse. You were happy when you were dating. You were loving in your marriage for a while, but then “it” happened.

Maybe that “it” was a pornography addiction, abuse, emotional baggage, unresolved conflicts, infidelity or arguments. Now, you’re emotionally exhausted, detached, bitter, in silent pain and experiencing the deepest hurt, betrayal or contempt of your entire life.

You might have looked up topics on:

  • Saving my marriage
  • My spouse had an affair
  • When my husband won’t talk to me
  • Is fighting bad for kids
  • Reconnecting with my spouse

You’re wondering if divorce is the only option.

Ask yourself these questions:

7 Questions for Troubled Marriages

Psych Central developed seven warning signs of a troubled marriage:

  1. Do you no longer love each other?
  2. Do you avoid time together?
  3. Has sex ceased or is it infrequent?
  4. Have either of you stopped daily grooming habits?
  5. Do you blame your spouse for unhappiness?
  6. Are you lonely when your spouse is present?
  7. Do you feel contempt?

If you answered “yes” for most or all of these, it’s time to get help.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The quiz acknowledges troubled marriages. If this resonates with you, don’t panic. This is not the end.

With courage, you can take the next steps. You can work together to start the Hideaway Experience to reconnect with your spouse.

The Hideaway Experience

The Hideaway Experience is a five-day, faith-based marriage retreat that transforms marriages by focusing on things you are able to change.

That Which Is Broken Can Be Restored

Your marriage problems might be tied to your spouse, but don’t blame your spouse. The key focus is always on what you can control — and that’s you. That’s why the Hideaway Experience is important.


“My husband and I walked in broken from an affair … We worked on the pain cycle that we were going through every time we fought … This has been the biggest blessing in our marriage.”

“This experience gave me hope … . We have found our safe place.”

“I came here feeling alone and am leaving as a team/partner with God and my spouse. The old marriage is dead and a new one was born. The saying the Lord kept telling me was be still and know.”

How It Works

The Hideaway Experience helps recreate a loving and respectable relationship. Hidden from the busyness of life, you can focus on rebuilding your marriage with God first. With couples therapy in a group setting, you can break down communication barriers and get to the core issues.
To discover the marriage you were meant to have, sign up for a five-day marriage intensive at one of our gorgeous locations in Texas, Georgia, or California. Don’t wait to reconnect with your spouse. Sign-up for The Hideaway Experience today!