Just for Men: Top 10 FREE Ways to Surprise Your Wife on Valentine’s Day

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Men, listen up! You don’t have to break the bank to connect with your spouse this Valentine’s Day. Delight the missus with these ideas, all of which are all totally free:

1. Make It a Surprise: Pick from a Hat

Who doesn’t love a Valentine’s Day surprise? Write down on scraps of paper the 9 other items on this list and let her pick one from a hat, or let her pick them all and then decide which one she wants.

2. Make It a Surprise: Puzzle

Pick one of the items on this list, like “Candlelight Dinner,” write the letters out on paper in big letters, and then cut out piece for each letter. Spread the random letters on a table like a puzzle and let her put the words together. Give her a hint like, “It’s two words.” And be sure to use correct spelling!

3. A Candlelight Dinner

For a relaxing time with your lady, serve dinner by candlelight. Find something to make for dinner–even something simple like a plate of pasta and a salad will do. Set the table with plates, glasses, and candles, and put on her favorite music. Serve something sweet for dessert!

4. A Movie and Foot Massage

Find a favorite movie or let her pick one out. Fill a large bucket halfway with hot, soapy water and have towels nearby. Let her soak her feet, then dry them and rub her toes with lotion while you watch the movie together.

5. A Soaking Bath

To help her unwind, fill the tub with hot water and bath gel. Light a few candles safely away from curtains where they can’t topple over. Put on relaxing music, dim the lights, and let her unwind.

6. Her Favorite Music and a Dance at Sunset

Who doesn’t like to be whisked away to a romantic setting to watch the sunset? Find a spot with a scenic view of mountains or water and park your vehicle. Try to time your trip to arrive an hour to 30 minutes before sunset. Play her favorite songs so you can watch the sun go down and dance together.

7. A Walk and Impromptu Picnic

Depending on the weather where you live, a walk and picnic can be ideal. Pack food and if you live near a wooded area that allows campfires, light a fire, and enjoy the time snuggling in a warm blanket.

If the weather’s warm, spread out a blanket and enjoy a picnic basket of goodies from home. Even if you just share sandwiches, chips, and drinks, it’s the time together that counts.

8. Sightseeing Like Tourists

Are there any hiking trails near you? Historical sites you haven’t seen? Picturesque mountain views a few towns over?

Check your area’s tourist website for free activities. Then surprise your special lady. Let her know if she’ll need comfy walking shoes and a sweater or jacket, and bring your camera and a snack.

9. Couples Game Night

No, not Call of Duty, my friend, but something more relaxing and mellow…

Board games like Monopoly or Cranium can make a great night. If you play Scrabble, set a timer to keep the momentum going. You can also play cards or find games at your local library. Loser does the dishes! Try to lose, okay?

10. Have Dinner, a Movie, AND a Relaxing Bath

Why not combine some of these ideas for even more quality time? Make dinner and eat while you enjoy a movie, or spend time talking together before unwinding in the tub or a Jacuzzi.

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