10 Fun Date Ideas to Liven Up Your Summer

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From taking a boat ride together and having dinner out to an impromptu picnic lunch and catching a show, here are a few great date ideas to liven up summer and spend some quality time with your spouse.

Catch a Show or Movie

In the summer when it’s super hot outside, catch a movie or a Broadway-style show in a temperature-controlled environment. Try the matinee for discounted seating. After the show, grab a bite to eat. Reminisce about your first date. Look for deals on Groupon for couple’s discounts at favorite restaurants!

Hit the Beach

Forecast in the 90’s? Instead of spreadsheets and surfing the net, try spreading a sheet in the sand and then go surfing at the beach. It’s the perfect way to cool down and have fun. Instead of talking politics and what’s happening at the office, blow up an inflatable raft and reminisce with that special someone while floating on the water. Apply their sunblock and talk about how it was love at first sight.

Cool Down on the Cheap

Buy a kids’ inflatable pool and put it in the backyard with a few lawn chairs. It won’t require a lot of water, but it will guarantee hours of fun splashing and relaxing (play lifeguard and damsel in distress!).

Visit an Amusement Park

The fun and excitement of the rides, the games and the cotton candy! Feel like a kid again while enjoying an amusement park together. Head to the haunted house and steal a kiss while holding each other’s hands. Or propose all over again at the top of the Ferris wheel.

Take a Short Cruise

Depending on where one lives, there might be day cruises or sunset cruises that last a few hours. Some have music and food onboard. If there’s music, ask that special someone if they would like to dance. Tip: Surprise the “Miss’s” with a flower or sing to her.

Cool Down in the Park

Most parks now have bike rentals. Check Groupon for discounts. Take a stroll through the park and then rent the bikes and have fun together. Bring a backpack with a blanket, a few snacks and something to drink. Play cards together or stare at the clouds and try to find shapes in them.

Take in an Outdoor Game

Hey batter, batter! Head to the game, buy the peanuts and hot dogs, and enjoy the time together. Don’t forget the sunglasses, SPF and baseball caps. Look for local neighborhood games or one supporting the hometown team. Don’t forget to do the wave!

Find the Shade in an Arcade

Arcades like Dave ‘n’ Busters are a great way to feel like a kid again. Play video games, shoot a few hoops and treat that special loved one to whatever they want, like a stuffed animal or toy (depending on how many tickets they win!).

Make Cool Sundaes

Send the kids to the sitter and lay rose petals all throughout the house. Light the candles, make a bubble bath in the tub, and assemble ice cream sundae ingredients like sprinkles, nuts, cherries, strawberries, melted chocolate, and whipped cream. Build a sundae on each other and enjoy the play date together!

Picnic in the Park

In the middle of the day, head to the park with a picnic basket, blanket, and music. Find a spot in the sun or the shade and unwind together. Take turns massaging each other’s toes and backs. After clean-up, go ride the swings!

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