Is A Group Counseling Setting Necessary?

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The thought of group counseling can sound scary for couples that want to work on their marriages. It feels like exposing an extremely dark and vulnerable place and letting everyone see where the deepest hurt and pain resides. Psychologists explain, however, that group therapy can be beneficial and rewarding. Not only can couples exchange dialog with other couples, but they might find solace together as they seek out ways to repair their broken relationships.

The Marriage Intensive: Couples Counseling and Group Counseling

The Hideaway’s Marriage Intensives take place over 4-days and 4-nights with therapy sessions scheduled for about 8-9 hours each day. The sessions are a mix of couples counseling and group counseling sessions. Couples have plenty of time for breaks, meals, and their own one-on-one time with their spouses.

With group counseling, there are four to five couples present. Two licensed Christian marriage therapists are present to help lead groups. Topics can vary or a specific topic might be the focus.

Couples Find They Are Not Alone

When couples first meet for group counseling, they might be nervous – a completely natural response. They’re in a room with strangers, after all. But after introductions, they usually welcome the experience. There are other people who can hear their experience and offer support. Group therapy can even help improve self-esteem as spouses talk through their problems.

In group counseling, couples are able to see how other spouses engage with each other, work through their differences and find resolution strategies. Group counseling is a time where couples can be heard and find that they are fully supported during the healing process. Group members often pray together and keep in touch long after the Intensive ends.

Why Small Groups Help

One of the reasons that couples find they are able to embrace group counseling is that small groups present a safe environment. Group counseling is a small and intimate setting to help couples let their guard down and talk. So often couples might be tense and have unresolved issues. Group helps them feel relax so they can open up.

The carefully designed approach that the Marriage Intensive utilizes helps couples focus on breaking down barriers, healing hurting hearts, and opening lines of communication that can strengthen the bonds of their marriage for the rest of their lives.

To find out what a Marriage Intensive is all about, sign up for a 4-day workshop with events in Georgia, Texas, and California. Have the marriage you were meant to have. Sign-up for The Hideaway Experience today!