How to Protect your Marriage from the Stresses of the Holiday Season

holiday stress

Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a trying time for couples. Relationship stressors around the winter holidays include family, finances, and fatigue from travel and holiday preparations. How can couples overcome these challenges and survive?

Put God First

Continue making God your number one priority during the holiday season. Sometimes, when we are so busy, our quiet time spent with God is what goes first. It shouldn’t be this way. When we make God our first focus, it gives us perspective and allows us to align our hearts with His.

Keep Communicating

Communication is very important for your relationship. Now that you know stress factors in the air will be gunning for your Marriage, please keep your communication lines open. Set aside time for conversations, and maintain a positive attitude through it all.
Talk things out when it comes to family; which one will you be visiting this time around? Money too; how much will you be spending, and what are the consequences for going outside the budget? Articulate your thoughts and feelings with honesty and show your better half that you love and respect their opinions.

Your spouse comes first, always

We all have parents who waltz into our homes over the holidays and start running our affairs like back when we were kids. It is the same case with in-laws, too, and this can put several pounds of stress on a relationship. The golden rule is this: when it comes to choosing between your spouse and your relative, your spouse comes first.
Nevertheless, try to understand the kind of relationship your spouse has with their parents/relatives. Avoid having to put them in a situation where they have to choose between their relatives and you. It would be better to always present a united front on all issues.

Get enough rest –it’s a stress buster

You will notice that you are mighty cranky when you don’t get enough rest during the holidays. With all the head-scratching involved in budgeting, dealing with the kids or in-laws, lack of enough sleep can make things even worse.
Without enough sleep, you might become overly emotional and irritable. You then pass this on to your spouse and start ugly disagreements. You can avoid all that by getting enough rest.

Have fun together, that’s what the holidays are about

There are so many things that can tear couples apart during the holidays, but you will survive if you maintain a closer bond. Even when stressing over school parties, shopping, and gifts, shake it off with optimism. Together, recognize and rise above these challenges, encouraging each other that, in the end, it makes your marriage stronger. So, maintain a sense of humor and have fun through it all.

Budget Together

During the holidays, a lot of financial drama stems from improper budgeting. In most cases, it is often as a result of one partner making autonomous decisions without consulting the other. Sit down with your spouse from the start, involving them every way in the planning process.
Better still, get the budget details in writing, outlining clearly how much you are willing to spend during the holidays and why. There will be compromises to make and stands to take, but you can always talk it out and reach an agreement.

Get a helping hand

Spouses need to spend enough time together during the holidays, but for most, it never really happens. You can always ask friends and family to help with some items on your schedules. They can help you with kids’ parties, shopping, and errands so that fatigue doesn’t creep into your marital bed.

Give back together

During the holidays, make time to invest in the lives of others. There is joy in giving back, especially when you give back with your loved ones. Try things such as volunteering with your church or at the local soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

The number of holiday stress factors tends to be endless. Above all else, remember to make Christ your number one focus. Let Him lead and guide you in all you do, especially when things are stressful and you may not feel like it. At The Hideaway Experience, we have staff ready 24/7 to pray for you and your needs during trying times. Don’t hesitate to submit an online prayer request.