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God Can Change
Your Marriage

what is a

Marriage Intensive?


Our marriage intensives are for couples in severe crisis situations—for instance, those on the brink of divorce—as well as couples who require in-depth counseling or may simply find themselves stuck and needing help progressing in their relationship. At The Hideaway, two professional therapists lead focused sessions in a four-couple, group-therapy format over a four-day and five-night period. This safe environment helps break down communication obstacles, uncover hidden barriers, and move participants quickly to core issues.

Intensive Dates

what to expect

While intensives involve six to eight hours of therapy sessions a day, we build in plenty of free time, privacy, and one-on-one spouse interaction during a stay at The Hideaway.


Our Approach

Our carefully designed approach frequently results in initial breakthroughs and long-term change—participants will not only find themselves on the right track after an intensive, but they will have been given the practical knowledge and tools to stay there.

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“Pain that was suppressed was uncovered. It began the journey to healing my marriage.”

Transform your marriage from

Good to Great

Our Good to Great Marriage Experience retreats use the intensive approach to unearth these hidden issues, helping couples in a “good-enough” marriage transition toward the inspiration and fulfillment of an amazing marriage. After all, no one sets out to have a marriage that’s “just okay.” We want couples to aim higher. We understand that not every marriage is on the rocks, however, we’ve also counseled many husbands and wives who have become such experts at smoothing over rough spots that they’ve stopped seeing conflicts altogether. They feel satisfied with a marriage that’s “good enough.” Unresolved pain simmers. Eventually, something explosive can occur—and those wounds are not so easily healed.

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Not a Cost, but

an investment

The Hideaway Experience offers 35 hours of counseling led by two licensed Christian therapists. At the Hideaway, you will experience a new level of service that happens at only the finest resorts. Hospitality is our gift. We want you to understand how important and valuable you are and here at the Hideaway, you will be overwhelmingly and abundantly cared for and loved.

4 Nights

Luxury Lodging

$1,250 Value

35 hours

marriage therapy

$5,250 Value

5 Star

meals daily

$950 Value
While the actual cost of a 4-day marriage intensive should be $7,450, your investment to attend is only
$4,250 per couple




Nestled against the rim of the Palo Duro Canyon The Hideaway near Amarillo, TX is a sequestered haven of peace and tranquility.

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