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Marriage Intensive

Sometimes a hurting marriage needs more than just an hour a week with a licensed therapist. Our marriage intensives are for couples in severe crisis situations—for instance, those on the brink of divorce—as well as couples who require in-depth counseling or may simply find themselves stuck and needing help progressing in their relationship. At The Hideaway, two professional therapists lead focused sessions in a four-couple, group-therapy format over a four-day and five-night period. This safe environment helps break down communication obstacles, uncover hidden barriers, and move participants quickly to core issues. Our carefully designed approach frequently results in initial breakthroughs and long-term change—participants will not only find themselves on the right track after an intensive, but they will have been given the practical knowledge and tools to stay there.

While intensives involve six to eight hours of therapy sessions a day, we build in plenty of free time, privacy, and one-on-one spouse interaction during a stay at The Hideaway.

Good to Great

“Compared to them, we have a pretty good marriage!” Good… that seems to be a word that has been used very loosely. My marriage is good compared to… theirs! I don’t cheat on my spouse or abuse them. Is this how we gauge the level of our marriage?   “Our marriage isn’t in a crisis. In fact, we’re pretty happy.” “I don’t cheat on my spouse. We don’t abuse each other. We’re doing fine!”

Your marriage may be “pretty good” or “pretty happy” or “doing fine.” But is mediocrity really all you want out of marriage? Are you really comfortable gauging the level of your marriage by its lack of infidelity or abuse?

At The Hideaway, we want couples to aim higher. We understand that not every marriage is on the rocks. However, we’ve also counseled many husbands and wives who have become such experts at smoothing over rough spots that they’ve stopped seeing conflicts altogether. Their relationship seems “fine.” They feel satisfied with a marriage that’s “good enough.” What they may not realize is the extent to which resentment builds when weaknesses are avoided. Unresolved pain simmers. Eventually, something explosive can occur—and those wounds are not so easily healed.

Our Good to Great Marriage Experience retreats use the intensive approach to unearth these hidden issues, helping couples in a “good-enough” marriage transition toward the inspiration and fulfillment of an amazing marriage. After all, no one sets out to have a marriage that’s “just okay.”

Restoration Therapy Model

Are you looking to transform your marriage? Some couples are in a crisis situation and don’t know where to turn. Some couples don’t have the time to spend months, or even years, working through issues in a weekly counseling session. If this sounds like you, The Hideaway’s four-day Marriage Intensive program could be right for you.

Typical marriage counseling sessions are crammed into one hour a week. There is little time to delve into the deeper issues troubling a marriage in an environment free from everyday distractions. At The Hideaway, licensed therapists lead focused and purposeful sessions designed to help you identify the root issues that are causing you and your spouse to fight. Once we help you identify your deeper issues, we help you move towards the place God designed for you. You learn how to have healthy relationships, not only with your spouse, but also with friends, family, and co-workers. The therapy you receive during these four uninterrupted days can become a turning point in marriages that once felt beyond hope.

At The Hideaway, two licensed therapists conduct couples therapy in a group setting that helps bring your situation into perspective, breakdown communication obstacles, uncover hidden barriers, move participants quickly to core issues, and provide couples with the tools they need to transform their relationship. Our carefully designed approach results in initial breakthroughs and long-term change. Participants in the program find themselves on the path to a new marriage equipped with the tools they need to stay the course.

We understand that when couples are going through a difficult period in their marriage, a group setting may seem intimidating. While many couples come to an intensive anxious or skeptical of the group format, the number one comment from couples is that it was the power of the group that brought them progress.

While intensives involve six to eight hours of therapy each day, we build in free time, privacy, and one-on-one spouse interaction during your stay at The Hideaway.


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