Changed Lives


“This intensive has helped me see with fresh eyes: 1. The root cause of my pain,  2. How I learned habits to cope personally, 3. How I can use new, better, transformational techniques to build toward US!”

 “Before arriving, my hope had been destroyed. I am so grateful for the healing and clarity that has come with honest work and open hearts. I can hope again in a future that is ‘more than we could ask or imagine’.”

 “My wife and I have been married for 28 years. We have worked with married couples for over 20 years. Never have we had such an amazing break through and have experienced a life changing event.”

 “I came with an open heart for a desired change in our marriage and have left full. Our marriage changed at the Hideaway as two hearts became one. Thank you Lord, He is good-All the time.”

 “For the first time I understand what it means to have peace. I feel like I finally have a touchstone from which Christ can speak into my life and marriage.”

 “This was a very hard and what felt like a very long 4 days. It was worth it! The transformation that happens is amazing and there is nothing like it. This gives you such good tools and the truth to carry on each day. I am so grateful for this experience.”

 “My eyes have opened up on how to be a great husband. Also realized the truth about me and how God sees me in his eyes.”

 “The Hideaway was a life changing experience for me personally and for my marriage. I have been to many marriage conferences and classes but have never heard the information that was presented before. I am hopeful for a new life.”

“The moment I stepped into the room I felt God’s Precious Spirit!! I feel released and free from issues that have head me bound since I was a child. God has changed me personally and given me a fresh start. I have some tools to use to enhance y life and marriage. Awesome!” 

“This experience has changed the direction of our marriage. He makes all things new-I have a new hope. It was such a comfort and the Holy Spirit was ever present in all things. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. Truly unique and remarkable. I can’t wait to share and encourage other couples to consider this experience for their marriage.”

“This has been a life changing experience. To learn to trust the Lord and trust that the path he has created for us. I am now filled with joy, hope and faith that together we can do this and begin to example this to our children.” 

“We are transformed to a new way of living our marriage that has saved both of us from assured divorce. Can’t wait to start tomorrow as newlyweds on a new path for our marriage.” 

“I came not knowing what to expect and believing our marriage was great. I learned that how I acted in life and in marriage was due to all the garbage of my past. But Praise Be to God!!! I am no longer bound by my past but have been set free. I am truly a new creation with a new perspective on my marriage and life. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your prayers.” 

“I came thinking we would be observers and our great marriage, would be enriched. Well, we quickly realized we were living the past almost 27 years very broken, not ever really experiencing True Intimacy. We leave healed, whole and for the firsst time will live in truth. We will experience all of God. Ready to re-write our new future. The best is yet to come.” 

“The miracle working power of God came into my heart like a rushing mighty river and flooded my soul with His love and with the ability to open my heart to the woman I love like never before. Whatever you do don’t loose hope, trust God with all your heart…. Thanks.” 

“This experience has changed not only my relationship with my spouse but every relationship in my life. I see myself from the eyes of God, I can be who He has made me to be. This experience has changed the lives of my children (5 girls, 1 boy and 2 beautiful grandchildren)! God thank you for giving me a family that I can share my deepest hurts and fears! Jesus you made this possible!”

“I felt God’s presence in this place. The Holy Spirit took hold of every individual and enabled miraculous growth and healing.” 

“I arrived at the Hideaway Experience frightened, angry and desperate. On day three morning, I was beyond hopeless and convinced that my marriage was irredeemable. After lunch in my most despairing hour, God showed up big time and brought with Him hope and truth of a beautiful new future, He would provide. Thank you Jesus for your grace, mercy and unfailing love.” 

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“Frightened–Angry–Divided to Hopeful–Loved–United in HIM!” 

“I arrived at the Hideaway hurt and hopeless. Four Days later I’m in awe of God’s miraculous healing powers and strength. This process took my wife and me from the edge of the cliff to closer in oneness than we’ve been in 11 years of marriage. I am so grateful for God’s fulfillment of his promise and the gift He’s given me in my beautiful wife.” 

“The time at the intensives was a life changing experience for our marriage. Each day we built upon the day before increasing our knowledge in being partners with God to make us have the marriage we desire.” 

“This experience provided the tools to help us cope with conflict and avoid escalation of pain. We were able to begin meaningful dialogue to help us resolve conflict.” 

“I arrived knowing the cause was greater than my pain. That the Lord revealed my prayers to my husband as He showed him my heart. I’m Loved by God through my husband which in His image he can protect me as a lion but he is as gentle as a Lamb. We arrived as two people leaving as one ‘US’ team!” 

“We came as two and are leaving as one. God has shown us the truth about US. And what we need to do to have a healthy marriage and life with each other. We will use this pain and turn it to purpose to help other’s. Thank you Jesus for loving me and my wife.”

“I came to the Hideaway Experience very skeptical and really did not care about coming. After being here for a short period of time I could begin to feel the Lord working. Today, I can truly say that with hard work and the work of the Lord, I have a new marriage.” 

“This was such a heart cleansing and healing experience. God truly has created in me a new heart. I am so grateful and excited to begin a new ‘US’!” 

“This experience has been a true gift from heaven. We did have hope for our marriage but we could not have imagined the transformation that would take place. God truly is amazing.” 

“The Hideaway Experience has changed my life and my marriage. Leading up to the trip I felt anxious and fearful about the process and all of the unknowns; however once I arrived I immediately knew I was in a safe, supportive place. I have been comforted, challenged and encouraged as Jesus has opened my heart through the experience. I now am equipped with truth and the tools to move forward in a healthy way — one that will edify my marriage and the ‘US’ I now feel compelled to fight for. Thank you!” 

“The future of our marriage seemed bleak but after just less than a week I am excited to watch our marriage go from it’s valley to it’s peak. I will never forget this time here.” 

“The Hideaway Experience has placed me on a journey and taught me how to succeed at marriage! Without these tools I would have never been able to take care of me and love my husband. Now I know that with the Holy Spirit and the skills I learned our marriage will truly grow and become heaven on earth. Thank you Lord for loving me and bringing me here!” 

“The Hideaway Experience is a miraculous journey through pain, lies, truths, clarity, wisdom and true joy. This place will forever live in my heart and soul. I am leaving this place with my best friend and life partner. Thanks be to God!” 

“This experience was sent to me straight from God. He knew that if He could get me here I would have an eye and heart opening experience. The Holy Spirit had me deal with my heart and allowed me to see my wife’s heart. We now have hope where there was none for a great marriage.”

“The intensive provided hope for a God centered marriage in the place of despair. Identifying our pain was the beginning of healing. We have more work to do, but this experience provided the ‘Truth’ we needed to hear to start us on a new path.” 

“Pain that was suppressed was uncovered. It was painful to uncover yet necessary to begin the journey to healing me personally and my marriage.” 

“On Day 4 the Lord intervened and we had a miraculous break through. We came here not being able to talk to each other and left crying, laughing and praising God and talking to each other like new lovers. All things are possible with God.” 

“If you’re struggling to see the crack of light or find hope this is the place!!! I praise God for the Hideaway Experience. The attack we experienced before we came I now understand. Because God did a mighty work here. Crash and burn on Day 3 and the floodgates of the love of Jesus came crashing through on Day 4. What is not possible with man is possible with God. From bitterness, sadness and silence to total joy and reconciliation.” 

“We have been so renewed and blessed. I am so thankful for God being with us and showing us how He sees us. So thankful for the first time my husband opened up to our sweet Lord. We are excited to begin our new journey in our hearts with God at the top!” 

“My experience at the Hideaway was amazing. Being given the opportunity to open my heart to the Lord was something that I will always cherish and I truly felt that God touched my heart and my relationship with my wife! Thanks so much God.” 

“This experience has paid priceless dividends. God has touched and left priceless, useful, efficient tools for my husband and I to use. Let go and let God!” 

“I came here with hope and I am leaving with promise!”

“Before arriving, I felt staying in my marriage would be a loose-loose for both of us. I now have hope that it can and will be a win-win. God has answered my prayers for restoration of my marriage and surprised me with changes I never imagined possible.” 

“I came here thinking a mediocre marriage would be as good as it gets. I left with the tools to make an impossible-looking marriage a marriage that would glorify God and be fulfilling.” 

“I had lost who I was and could not find him. I found him. I like him. And most importantly I like who my wife and I are when we are in our Truth!” 

“I learned that my husband cannot make my heart whole but Jesus can and He will. I learned tools that can help me in all relationships in my life. I have hope for a new marriage with the man God has given me.” 

“We have struggled for years with smaller issues and had become ‘content’ or settled into thinking this is the way it will always be…this experience put structure to our pain and peace and we walk back empowered and free. We have always loved ‘US’ now that ‘US’ is so much more powerful.” 

“Before I came to the intensive I basically lived out of my pain cycle without even knowing it. I had learned to maintain and manage my life as best I knew how and just started believing this is just the way it is suppose to be. Obviously, it affected my spouse, kids, and other relationships. Now, I am leaving with a healed heart from a past hurt that caused most of my pain from over 30 years ago. I am so encouraged and excited to live in my Peace cycle from my Truths. I am a victorious, overcoming, warrior and the best for my life and marriage and family is still to come. Thank You Jesus!” 

“Steve and Rajan, 

Just felt led to share our hearts on this Valentine’s Day with you all. I would like to thank you all for your ministry and sending Todd and Ryan. They represented you all and the Hideaway Experience in a fashion that you’d be proud of. They are an excellent team and you could see where each of their strengths and life experiences complimented one another. We had been to an intensive before and it was similar yet this one was so much more. The last one I felt like we had too much free time and this time I was glad to get every minute of therapy we could get. We had essentially been separated for almost 18 months living on different floors in the same house. Leading separate lives while tag team parenting… It sucked the life out of us. We traveled to the Winshape Retreat for one reason. As a last chance to see if we could jump start our marriage, significantly shed our debilitating fears, and start building a solid foundation to have a consistent, God honoring, thriving marriage. That was a tall order. 

Well this morning our four Boys just got the “Mommy and Daddy are staying together” talk before school. It’s Valentine’s day and I knew the boys needed to hear something from us. The last they heard 3 weeks ago was Mommy and Daddy were separating. Let’s just say they were thrilled and glad to get out of the Limbo we had put them in. More thrilled are the parents. We left so much baggage there at the Normandy Inn it was liberating and empowering. I could feel the prayers of so many softening our hearts and making our walls that took years to build disappear. The whole setting at Berry is a little slice of Heaven. From the natural beauty and the well appointed yet cozy rooms, to all the staff that looked they all wanted to burst out and tell you how much they were praying for all the couples there. Many actually did share. Terry and Theta were perfect hosts and really poured out their love for us in every detail however small. We didn’t want to leave! Please continue your partnership with Winshape. It is such a blessing to so many.

Lastly the Communion at the Cross was overwhelming. I have not experienced a more tender moment in my entire life as the one we experienced there.”

“Affirmation that God answers prayers, from taking a couple that only knew apathy and loneliness for 18 months to holding hands and softening our hearts. Renewing a love that was almost lost.” 

“I was hopeless, now I am full of hope and freedom.” 

“I thought we would be led down the path of good techniques but the path led to a radical encounter with pain and the process of healing.” 

“The whole experience was Life changing! The Lord is here, you can feel him, see is work changing hearts right before your eyes. I love and understand my spouse now more than Ever before, Thank you Lord for your healing hand!” 

“This week has completely changed the way I see not only my marriage but also my life. It was a very liberating experience and God worked in many ways. It was a blessing of grace.” 

“The intensive was so outside of normal therapy that it shocked me and it worked. The behavioral patterns described by neuroscience formed a scientific basis from which understanding replace resentment, and allowed God to do the rest. Amazing, transformed me and worth it!” 

“One of the best experiences of my life. I recommend it to any couple whose marriage is in crisis…It will change your lives.” 

“I walked into the intensive with a bleeding heart and leave this incredible experience, skipping with a heart that is full of light and peace. My husband and I connected on deep personal issues that we have never even touched before. I feel closer than ever and feel confident that we will continue to strengthen our marriage using the tools we learned.” 

“At barely severn months of marriage, we felt hopeless and didn’t understand how our marriage had grown so cold and distant in such a short amount of time. Our experience at the hideaway shook us to the core of our beings and helped to identity deep rooted wounds that we brought into the marriage. We now leave hopeful, in love, and optimistic about our future.” 

“I have done a lot of counseling and this was amazing. This is the best experience I have ever been through. For any marriage, any issue, any personality this is a must! I will recommend this to everyone I know.” 

“Counseling was tremendous. Time and money well spent.”

 “God showed up in a mighty way. I came to the Hideaway with little hope for my marriage. After 4 days of counseling with 3 other couples I learned more about my pain and what it was doing to my marriage. I left the Hideaway not only hopeful, but confident that our marriage can withstand anything. The Hideaway equipped me with the tools that save my marriage. With God all things are possible! I came with a broken heart and left with a restored body, spirit and soul.” 

“This was the last attempt to salvage our 22 year marriage. Things were great up until we had to actually live face to face after raising a family. I thank the Lord a friend shared about The Hideaway Experience. They gave us the tools to get our relationship out of the ditch! The couples we walked this journey with are still our close accountability family. I would recommend giving your marriage the gift of The Hideaway Experience.” 

“I came knowing that my wife was dragging me and my marriage was about to end. I saw not way out. I left with a plan for success and for the first time, I really feel at peace with myself. It will be okay.” 

“I am almost lost for words. My marriage is now restored and our new journey has begun. We were at odds and on the verge of divorce, but Praise God-This was seriously God ordained. This was the best experience of our lives and so grateful to God that He sent us here. I’ve never felt so close and connected spiritually, emotionally and physically to my husband as I do today. I give glory to God that the “two has now become one”. All things are possible to Him that believeth(Mark 9:23) This is a very safe place to share your deepest issues-let the Holy spirit lead you and be open to receive.” 

“It gave me the tools to help me go forward. I cannot express how much I appreciate the knowledge we gained here. The experience far exceeded my expectations! I am excited about our future!” 

“I found my pain and realized it wasn’t all about my wife, it was all about me. The Hideaway Experience has set me free and allowed me and my wife to start fresh.” 

“This week has given us the tools for abundant life in our marriage. We have moved from hurt, pain, accusing and fear to joy, trust, responsibility and excitement for our future. This intensive is a life, health and healing to marriage.” 

“I came with almost no hope and left FULL of hope.” 

“I realized recognizing my pain and being able to validate the fact I feel pain is where my healing can begin.” 

“This was the last time I was going to try to reach my husband’s heart. God got to it first; and to mine, and so now we are starting over after 23 years of marriage. We are going to learn each other’s hearts! We are learning how to trust each other again.” 

“The Hideaway was God’s idea, not mans. And as a God-ordained experience it is powerful on many levels. The group dynamic is critical to understanding and working through your own pain. And the counseling and resources and truth helped us establish a foundation from which we know we will build a legacy that will echo into eternity.” 

“This experience is so fulfilling and full of hope. What I learned here will absolutely be able to be put into action at home. Not only will our marriage benefit from this experience but also our children and generations to come.” 

“This has helped us talk through areas that we were uncomfortable with.The 4 Steps really helped us move from the pain cycle to the peace cycle, so we could understand things and bring healing. This was such an incredible experience. I am confident my marriage is going to move from good to great with the tools we have been given.”

“I came not knowing if I could continue to stay married. I could not deal with the craziness anymore. Once I got a handle on what was behind the craziness a glimmer of hope appeared. The truths made the darkness recede. I arrived an orphan. I am leaving a son of God. In which His love will flow threw me to my spouse. Thank you, Jesus!” 

“Six weeks ago when we booked the retreat, our marriage looked very hopeless. Today, we are full of hope and peace. God is Good!” 

“This marriage intensive has been a life-changing experience for us and our marriage. it has transformed US, given US a new heart, a new hope and put our marriage on the Rock.” 

“This intensive prevented us from being another divorce statistic. As a couple we have a new heart, a new hope and a marriage on the Rock.” 

“This experience goes above and beyond because God is the center of every aspect of the teaching and serving.” 

“Yes it is for you. If you think you need help this is for you. I was dubious. I left satisfied. It is a start. But at least we’ve started. hard work to come. I will let God help us.” 

“When we came here we didn’t know if there was any hope. Now God has given me my wife back and my love for her is twice as big sense God has given us our truth and taught us how to walk in it. Thank you with all my heart God!” 

“Once again, God came forward and did what I couldn’t do myself. This experience will forever change how I love my husband and increase the inheritance we leave for our children. I now have an understanding how much marriage means in His eyes and the purpose of our marriage. Thank you God for opening my eyes.”

Truly a blessing through God’s grace! My marriage was practically over and now it is strong, hopeful, and loving, just as God designed. I am a better man, husband, and father and will now strive to lead and love my family for that is what God called me to do.”

“Life changing, I was out of hope for our marriage and felt there was no way to restore it. After leaving here my marriage not only changed my whole life changed! I have been made new!”

“I did not want to come, but I could feel things starting to change in my heart even before I came. I really wanted breakthrough. There was a small breakthrough and I know it’s just the beginning of a long personal journey. I would not have embarked on this journey had it not been for the therapist and this hideaway experience.”

“the Hideaway Experience has forever changed the direction of our marriage. I came into the program anxious and unsure of what to expect, but now I feel rejuvenated and feel like a newlywed again. Thank you for everything you have done for our marriage!”

“It was amazing for me to find and release my pain so that I could love and successfully walk hand in hand with my wife. It was also really cool to see my love release her pain. I am very excited about our future! Thank you Lord!”

“God truly opens your eyes to your heart in a  way they have never been opened. Tools to build a great foundation with your spouse can be found here at the Hideaway!”

“God graced us with his love and mercy. We came here broken and sad but, we left with full hearts and rested souls.”

“I recaptured the pleasure of being married. I found the man I fell in love with in the husband I thought I lost. I found peace and I found myself again. God is Good…All the time.”